MEMBERSHIP So you want to become a Member …

How to become a member of Genealogical Society Gladstone District Inc:


Membership is for one calendar year from the date of joining.

Single: $50 per annum

Family: (two members living at the same address): $75.00 per annum

Journal: “Timeline” is published three times per year. Members receive a copy by email. If no email address is available, members may pick one up from the GSGD Resource Centre. If postage is required, a charge of $5 per annum will be payable. ($10 for non-members).

Workshops: Regular workshops are held every year. Members often receive a discount on their entry fee.

Research: See Opening Hours for times that our Resource Centre is open. Members do their own research. Monitors help them to locate resources which may be useful for research at the rooms.

Photocopying/Printing costs: 30 cents per copy of printouts from computer or our photocopier.

Computers: Computers are available which have many useful resources pre-loaded. Members are all welcome to use the computers. Monitors may assist members to get started on using them.