Shadows of the Past Cemetery Tour


Shadows of the Past Cemetery Walk was presented on Monday 31 October (Halloween) at the old Gladstone Cemetery and was a very enjoyable night for all.

Participants enjoyed hearing a range of stories about Gladstone’s pioneers. Stories were presented about the following:

Laurens Janson – a very early resident of Gladstone who arrived as a shipwrecked sailor off the “Marina” which had been wrecked off Raine Island near Cape York. Many of Lauren’s descendants still live in the Gladstone district.

Ellen Vallis – pioneering women of the Boyne Valley who rode side-saddle to the mining districts delivering fruit, vegetables and eggs to the diggers in the fields.

James Hawthorne, a former Mayor of Gladstone, who met an unfortunate end when he tumbled off his horse and drowned in a couple of centimetres of water in Clyde Creek, near Burua.

Henry Raabe, a draymaster, who had travelled from Rawbelle Station with a load of wool, and who became the first man murdered in Gladstone. He was stabbed by a disgruntled employee who had had one too many drinks at the Commercial Hotel.

James Ashton, founder of Ashton’s Circus, who became ill before coming to Gladstone, and who died while staying at the Metropolitan Hotel.

Bill and Florence Larsen, who ran a dairy farm at Kin Kora, where the Windmill Centre is now situated. Bill was adopted by the Larsen family after his mother died of typhoid fever when he was a small boy.

Joseph Hobart Carvosso, the first headmaster at Gladstone National School (later to become Gladstone State School, and now known as Gladstone Central State School). He died at the young age of 34 years, leaving a young wife and three small children. He taught through his pain and illness until barely a week before his death. All the townsfolk followed the funeral procession to the cemetery to show their respect for this young man.