Publications for Sale

Genealogical Society Gladstone District Inc. sells a number of publications.

NOTE: Postage and packing extra

Gladstone Cemetery Index with headstone photographs (CD) Includes Gladstone Old Cemetery, Port Curtis Lawn Cemetery and Port Curtis Ashes Memorial Garden. Current to 2010. $50 +P&P
Municipality of Gladstone Valuation Register and Rates Book 1878            (New Edition) $15 + P&P
Mt Larcom and Raglan Cemetery Records $15 + P&P
Calliope Cemetery Records $15 + P&P
St Saviours Church of England, St Andrews Presbyterian, Port Curtis Gardens – Ashes Records (Up to 2004) $20 + P&P
Gladstone Observer Births, Deaths, Marriages Index 1929 – 1939 $20 + P&P
Gladstone Observer Death and Funeral Notices Index 1998 – 2002 $15 + P&P
Starters’ Kit $10 + P&P
Steps in Searching your Family Tree $5 + P&P
Pioneer Index CD $10 + P&P
Genealogy for Beginners CD $10 + P&P
The Irish in Gladstone from 1854 $10 + P&P
St Patrick’s Day Recipe Book $4 + P&P

books for sale 3

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8 thoughts on “Publications for Sale

  1. I live in Ipswich and will be in Gladstone from 3rd til 6th April and want to buy some of these publications….The Irish in Gladstone from 1854, St. Patrick ‘s Day Recipes, Steps in searchin for your family tree. Will they be available.? I was born in Gladstone just 73 years ago as my mother lived with her family the Murphy’s for several months whilst my father was fighting in New Guinea, and have never been back…Looking forward to visiting. Jennifer Crossley

    • Hi Jennifer, Yes, the Resource Centre is open on Wednesday 4 April from 9:30 to 3:30 pm. I will tell the monitor to expect you. We have copies of all those items. Please study the map on our website carefully, as the rooms can be hard to find if you are not familiar with the area.

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