11:30 am Barbecue at the Resource Centre – Meet and Greet. Come along and enjoy a sausage sizzle and social chat starting at 11:30 am. Sausages $2.00, drinks on sale.

Please bring a plate for afternoon tea, which will be shared after Bryan Horton’s talk on Migration.

1:30 pm Bryan Horton, MA English Local History, Leicester University, and Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Local History, Oxford University will present a talk on Migration:

“Introduction to Migration using the case study of the Kidderminster carpet weaver: his migration response to the technological change from hand loom to power loom weaving in the 19th Century”

At our George Young Building, Resource Centre.

Introduction to Migration.jpg

SATURDAY 1 JULY: General Meeting. Following the meeting, Geoff Honan will present a short workshop on research using TROVE website. A must for all those researching in Australia.

SATURDAY 15 JULY: Armchair Cemetery Talk: At this afternoon at our rooms at the George Young Centre, some members will give talks about interesting people buried in Gladstone Cemetery.

SATURDAY 5 AUGUST: General Meeting

SATURDAY 19 AUGUST: CONVICT WORKSHOP — Jan Koivunen will present a workshop on researching your Convict ancestors. Starts at 1:30 pm. Please bring a plate for afternoon tea.

(to be continued)