Cemetery Records for Gladstone District

Gladstone Genealogy cemetery records –

Our Resource Centre contains indexes and other records for most local and district cemeteries. Some indexes are published by the Society and are for sale (see Publications page for details).

Most cemetery records have also been indexed onto our Computer Database and can be searched through the Local History Database.

The following cemetery records are available for research to view at the Resource Centre:

Gladstone Cemetery Index (includes photos)

Port Curtis Cemetery Index (includes photos)

Caliope Cemetery (includes photos and memorial inscriptions)

Mt Larcom Cemetery

Raglan Cemetery

Many Peaks Cemetery (This cemetery is located at Builyan, but its correct name is “Many Peaks Cemetery”)

Miriam Vale Cemetery (old)

Miriam Vale/Bororen Cemetery

Targinnie Cemetery (contains Yarwun burials)

Burials – Gladstone District Death Records 1857-1910 (Gladstone and Calliope not included) This book is a useful tool to locating the burial place of your ancestor in the Gladstone District. It is compiled from the Death Register of the Gladstone District Registrar.

Note: Any cemetery indexes which are for sale by us are subject to strictly 10% only photocopying.

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51 thoughts on “Cemetery Records for Gladstone District

  1. my boyfriend is trying to find out where his father is his name is noel francis McMillan born 10/04/1926 many peakes qld

  2. he wants to find out where his father’s, father and mother are buried. Sorry for confusion. We have found his father, he passed away in Parramatta somewhere 2010, 17th july and now trying to find out where he is buried. Father’s father’s name was john McMillan address at 21 fischer street east Brisbane between 1944-1959, he must have died somewhere around this time as next of kin on navy records was Rhonda? noel francis McMillan was boyfriend’s father.

  3. Hi, I’m searching for a relative, his buried at Gladstone on death cert, died 6 May 1959, Edwin Smith, I believe he may have been Catholic. Would appreciate if you would see if you have any info/headstone/photo. Kay

  4. Good Afternoon
    I’m chasing burial details for 3 relatives whose death certificates state that they are buried in the Many Peaks or Builyan Cemeteries in 1914; 1915 & 1932. I’ve been in touch with the Gladstone Council who have advised they have no records of any of these people. How can I check them against your records? I do not live in the Gladstone area.

  5. Hi Barry, not sure if you have received an email reply to your enquiry. See above for details on research enquiries. We do have access to some records of the Many Peaks cemetery (which our local council refers to erroneously as the Builyan Cemetery).

  6. Bev
    I sent out to Many Peaks last year as I have several ancestors buried there. What a sad sight, the cemetery is in quite a bad state and there are no more than a handful of tombstones. To make matters worse the cemetery is signed as Builyan Cemetery. Barry

  7. Good Evening, I would be interested in purchasing copies of the cemetery records within the Gladstone Region please.

  8. Hello,
    I am trying to find any details available on Lin Quay who died 25/9/1911 and registered to have been buried at Gladstone Cemetery. We believe he may be linked to family somehow and wondered if he had a headstone that may give any indications?

  9. Hi Lorraine, I have some more information about the approximate location of the grave of Lin Quay, if you could pop your email address in a reply please?

  10. Hi, I am looking for my grandmother’s grave site where she was buried. Her name was Helen Douglas Gorrie McCaffrey. She died 7 July, 1937.F: Peter Watt French, M:Mary Duncan Gorrie, H: Frank McCaffrey. The Reg N:003458, Pg N:1205, Reg Place: Q.L.D. Also the records of the 3 children, Agnes douglas,Jean douglas and Mary duncun, all with McCaffrey as their last name.Thank you in advance for any information and help in this matter as I live in N.S.W. Robyn

    • No Helen McCaffery in Gladstone Cemetery sorry. If you would like us to research in other local cemeteries, there is a form for research enquiries to fill out and send. See ‘Research Request Form’ page. Payment of $15 is required to be sent with the form. Kind regards.

  11. Hi. I’m trying to find a burial or cremation for a Bruce McConnell in a Gladstone Cemetery from 1st March 1955. Thanks Julie

  12. Hi, im trying to find my gggrandfather john percival meredith born 20th nov 1865 in tasmania. He died the 9th feb 1916 in gladstone. Im trying to find out if he was buried in gladstone. Thanks christine

      • Hi Christine
        Yes, he was buried on 9 Feb 1916 in Section G Row 6 Grave 31. (Spelled MERIDATH). If there is a headstone, we may have a photo of it which you can purchase. I will have to check the charge for that.

  13. Hi there I am visiting Gladstone in a few days and I would like to find my granddads grave I attended his funeral I’m pretty sure it was in 1972 . His name is Akim Kapeechkin and I thought you might have a plot number thanks

    • Hi John, I am back in Gladstone. Akim Kapeechkin grave site number is Section F, Row 1, grave 10. Efrosina Kapeechkin ashes are in the same plot. Anisini Kapeechkin is in Section F, Row 2, grave 1.

  14. Hello, I am searching for the burial (location, section, grave number, etc) of Joseph Christian Gottlieb HAACK who died in 1954, he was living in Gladstone at that time. I need the information for a project on the WWI soldiers from the Beenleigh area.

  15. My Great Grandfather, Nicholas Joseph Gilmore was buried at Gladstone Cemetery on 11 August 1924. I have a photo of his headstone (erected by his wife) .
    It is my Great Grandmother, his wife, that I cannot find. She died on 29 March 1932, supposedly in Gladstone. I believe her name was Bridget Gilmore (born: O’Gorman).
    Can you assist?

  16. I am looking for a gravesite at a cemetery in Gladstone for Eric Alfred Searle – born 16.1.1923 died in the last 10 years, and also his wife June Lorraine Searle (nee Altmann)

  17. Hi Team, I am interested in visiting the Gladstone area as my family dates back over 100 years in this area. However, I do not know where they are buried. There are too many to list. The family surname is LAST. For many other QLD councils, they give access to cemetery portals online to research and locate your ancestors and I am not able to find any thing similar for Gladstone. Would you please advise how I can do this remotely so that I can be prepared when I travel to Gladstone in the near future. I am interested in taking photos of all ancestor headstones. Thank you Karen

    • Hi Karen, The LAST family goes a long way back in Gladstone’s history. Gladstone Regional Council has records for all or most regional cemeteries. Our Society also collects records. Gladstone Regional Council is at present updating their database to allow online searching, but this won’t be finished for another 12 months at least (I just spoke to them last week about their records). Our Society has produced a CD listing burials at Gladstone Cemetery, Port Curtis Cemetery and photos of headstones – they go to 2010. (There are 16 LASTS in this database). We will update them when Council has completed their updating. We also hold indexes for Calliope, Mt Larcom, Raglan, Miriam Vale. Also a burial index of burials in Gladstone district which are NOT in Gladstone or Calliope Cemeteries. You can purchase these records (see the list of indexes available on our page, “Publications for Sale”). Or we can do look ups for $25 per hour. Kind regards, Paulette.

  18. Hi Im trying to find the exact location of my brother who was born stillborn in May of 1972. Jamie Mann buried 16th May 1972. No one i talk to can actually locate where he is just give me a rough idea as there is no headstone because he was full term stillborn
    thank you

    • Hi Jennelle, I’m very sorry, but the cemetery records do not record the position of your little brother’s grave. I doubt that the Gladstone Regional Council can give you any more information, as the cemetery records we have made from council records have this note: “Age at death – stillborn infant – no further details in burial register”. Have you contacted the Parks and Environment Department in Gladstone Regional Council for information.

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