New Committee elected at ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Sat 25 Mar ’17

The Annual General Meeting of the Genealogical Society Gladstone District Inc was held on Saturday 25 March 2017 commencing at 1:30 pm. Election of officers took place.

The following are the elected Committee:

President: Judy Spencer

Vice President: Jan Koivunen

Secretary: Paulette Flint

Treasurer: Dianne Honan

Minutes Secretary: Ruth Waite



Librarian: Wendy Hunt

Library Assistants: Audrey Anderson; Suzette McClure

Journal Editor: Yvonne Cooper (Paulette Flint will continue to assist)

Publicity Officer: Paulette Flint

Research Officer: Paulette Flint

Roster Clerk: Paulette Flint

Library Archivist: Joan Sutton

Maintenance Officers: Don Sutton, Suzette McClure, Geoff Honan, Kerry Moffit.

Patron: Gail Sellers

Congratulations everyone. We look forward to an exciting year in our Society, with Workshops and Fundraising Activities being planned. Keep an eye on the Events Calendar, emails and Timeline Journal.

DON’T FORGET to put your name down to help at the BUNNINGS BARBECUE on Sunday, 23 April. Roster is at the rooms, but you can email if you can’t get in to put your name down. I think the roster starts at 8:30 am and finishes about 3:30 pm. Even if you can help for an hour, it makes the task less onerous for others. Look forward to seeing you there.

We have a MOTHER’S DAY RAFFLE on the go. Tickets are $1.00 each with the major prize being a beautiful Laptop Bag kindly donated by Judy Spencer (President). Thank you Judy. There may be other prizes as well. Please take some tickets to sell, and buy some yourself. They are at our Resource Centre.